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YOGA - Seing Your Self in everything and seing everything in your Self is true union - Yoga.


Yoga is an ancient science, dating back thousands of years. In simple words, the essence of classical Yoga is the process of bringing the individual mind in tune with the cosmic mind. It is the ultimate path to tranquility, mental balance and clarity. However, this is impossible without a healthy body and well-being. Ill health is the greatest barrier to a tranquil mind. Therefore, Yoga involves consideration of body health, and the various other factors that influence it, like diet and lifestyle as well. Yoga offers valuable, unique, effective and rational methods and practices to regain and enhance health of the body and tranquility of the mind. The scope of Yoga is vast – there is always something to be offered to everyone, on every stage of the life. The purpose of life is evolution, moving towards bliss and Self-realization. To carry out that purpose, the Creator manifested his energy which is giving life to everything. The life energy that we have is God's gift to us to fulfill the purpose of our existence. If we use that energy in accord with His will (Natural Law) then we'll be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. If we don't use His energy according to His will then the result will be illness and suffering. His will is expressed as Sanathana Dharma (eternal righteousness). The principles of Sanathana Dharma are found in the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, expressed in the laws of Yama and Niyama. Practicing the eight limbs of Yoga makes us able to spontaneously live Sanathana Dharma. There are four basic qualities of the Absolute which are expressed as four basic features of our life that need to be realized and actualized: Dharma (acting in accord with Natural Law), Artha (full expression of creative intelligence in individual life; it is the greatest wealth), Kama (uniting quality of love which harmonizes and unites all diversity), Moksha (liberation, Self-realization).

In order to practice Yoga in a safe, effective and confident manner it is important to observe and identify special needs or conditions of the person. Yoga is a science of developing mind and body, their perfect coordination and relationship with the environment, apart from any religion. Yoga can be practiced by any person, regardless of lifestyle, culture, religion etc.

Yoga is based on the ancient and traditional knowledge brought by the Rishis and Maharishis and the recent findings of modern science. Yoga is establishing unity in all areas of life. Body is an expression of consciousness. Because of that every movement of the body, every asana starts from the movement of consciousness towards the direction suggested by the name of the asana and that movement of consciousness initiates movement of vital energy and breath which moves the spine and body in the specific direction or position. When we practice Yoga asanas and pranayama in such a way, we achieve the unity of mind, breath and body, and practicing of Yoga asanas becomes a moving meditation. The aim of Yoga is the achievement of Enlightenment (Kaivalya).

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