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Mountain MERU is mithological central axis and suppport of the universe (macrocosmos) and the spine (danda MERU) is the central axis of body (microcosmos). Main suport should be structuraly aligned so that its function can ensure proper function of all systems of the body.


Twisting exercises for the spine - Health of spine is the basis of a healthy functioning of the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual level of our existence.

If we learn to use our spine correctly, then we will be able to rid ourselves of both physical and mental ills. This is because every organ in the body, including the brain, is directly or indirectly attached to the spine. It is the area of "primary control". What goes on in the spine largely determines both mental and physical health.

The architectonic, the structural support of bone, follows the lines of force to which that bone is exposed. When bone cells get stimulated through being compressed or twisted or elongated, they produce more bone mass until that bone gets strong enough, to resist the pressure. At that point the pressure no longer distorts the bone, and the bone-making cells stop making more. This is wonderful feedback system. Yoga works by stressing the bone. Yoga stimulates the bone with isometric contraction at almost every conceivable angle for long periods of time. There is a difference between structure and density of the bone. Dense bone mass on its own doesn't necessarily provide protection against fractures; unless the bone fibres are laid down in a way to provide greater strength, the bone mass is not going to be very stable. Density and structure both matter for bone health. Yoga for the spine helps grow bone mass, but because yoga poses and exercises pull and stretch the bones from every conceivable angle, yoga also may stimulate the formation of a bone structure that is able to resist greater amounts of pressure, as well as many different types of challenges. Twists give such a symmetrical pressure to the vertebral body that it's not a fracture risk. Yoga twists are safe to do as part of one's yoga practice. And they are very important, because they give such a complete stimulus to the vertebral body. Regarding osteoporosis, there's almost no other way of developing strength and stimulate bone growth than exposing that vertebra to some pressure. Twisting the vertebra is one of the few ways to get all of the vertebrae under some compression and stimulate bone growth in the vertebrae.

Courses on yoga exercises for the spine:

12 courses of yoga exercises for the spine designed originaly by Maharishi Swami Dev Murti.

These courses corrects all possible misalignments of the spine, strengthen very deep muscles along the spine, recovers structure of the discs and vertebraes and improves the function of peripheral nervous system and all organs. Everyone can practice these simple exercises regardless of age or physical condition.

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