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Exam is to give us confidence that we mastered certain level of yoga to teach it properly.

1. In order to register for the exam applicants will need to show an official certification that they have completed 600 hours yoga education.
2. Each applicant will also be required to write an essay on yoga (40 to 70 pages, minimum 40 pages text, specify literature, references, etc.). The maximum time for writing the essay allotted is 6 months for each essay. This essay should be submitted at least two months before the exam to the course leader. At exam the candidate should present essay and answer all questions of the participants of exame.
3. In your yoga centre under the supervision of the course leader conduct 6 yoga presentations. One  presentation lasts 45 min. 20 hours of assistence to the course leader or an other yoga teacher. Also 2 yoga presentations should be held  in some other yoga centre.
4. Two months before exam submit to the course leader your personal diary about experiences in your yoga practice for evaluation.
5. Present to the course leader your homeworks for evaluation. Homework must contain written preparation for specific yoga lesson taught and held during the yoga education course, and then after the lesson the applicant should write its reflection and conclusion about that theme.  
6. Oral exam lasts 45 min. with participation of 3 students who are also present at the exame.
7. Practical exam lasts 45 min. Applicant must conduct his own yoga class. One week before conducting yoga lesson submit to the course leader the plan of lesson (which asanas, pranayama, etc. will be presented) and methodology of approach for conducting yoga lesson, so that course leader can exame submitted plan and give suggestions.
8. Being an example of what he teaches. Having healthy lifestyle (no smoking, no taking alcohol, drugs).

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