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Yoga is the philosophy of union, of integration. The meaning of the word Yoga derives from the Sanskrit word YUJ which means “to unite”, “unity”. The similar word is yoke. People used to put a yoke on bulls to unite their strength. Without a yoke each bull would pull to his side and there would be no useful effect. By uniting the differences we create the unity of differences. In the unity abides the strength for the realization of our endeavors. The most picturesque exposition of Yoga would be the universe - a unity of diversity. We all live in the universe in unity of diversity, in Yoga. Yoga is universal and it surpasses all cultural, traditional, religious and space-time limitations. Yoga is the unity of diversity, the Universe. The source of the universe is the source of Yoga. Before the action there was knowledge. Before the creation of the universe there was total knowledge (Veda), the basis of everything. Veda is the source of Yoga and the Universe. The Vedic sounds perfectly express the orderly progression of the manifestation of the universe. On every stage of the progression the wholeness is present. The memory of source, course and goal are entirely enlivened (Smriti) on every stage of the progress. This is the reason why an apple seed will only grow into an apple tree, etc. Yoga is the practical aspect of Veda which makes Smriti (memory) fully enlivened in our consciousness, so that the functioning of all aspects of our physiology is orderly, following the progression of the intelligence expressed in the Vedic sounds. Then there is perfect balance among the three basic forces (the force of creation, maintenance, destruction) that are responsible for evolution and health. This balance results from one’s being established in the inner Self (Yoga). 

 Courses on Yoga philosophy:

  • Course on Yoga sutras of Maharishi Patanjali

  • Course on Bhagavad gita

  • Course on Sankhya

  • Course on Vijnanabhairava (Shiva sutras)

  • Course on Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • Course on Yoga Yajnavalkya

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