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Through daily recitation of Vedic literature, the brain physiology of every individual will become habituated to function in the same precise, orderly sequence in which the Samhita is eternally flowing at the unmanifest basis of all creation, spontaneously promoting evolution of all life. The structure and function of the physiology itself reflects the sequential unfolding of the structuring dynamics of intelligence displayed within the Vedas. Enlivening the impulses of the Vedas in the physiology therefore provides a powerful means of reactivating the healing intelligence in all parts of the body. When listening to or reciting various aspects of the Vedic literature and taking the awareness to the Transcendent, the physiology over time gets cultured to reflect the total organizing power of pure knowledge within itself.

Courses on Vedic recitation:

  • Course on recitation of Bhagavad gita

  • Course on recitation of Yoga sutras of Maharishi Patanjali

  • Course on recitation of peace chants, Gayatri mantra, matras for body healing 

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