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Veda of the Human Body

For a building to have a life supporting influence it must be situated in a good Vastu (site), according to the principles of Sthapathya Veda. Also, the character of the building and the quality of the building in which one lives or resides or works, has a very strong influence on the coherence of our thinking and the quality of life.  Orientation of the building its proportions, etc., have a direct, measurable influence on the coherent functioning of the brain, on the firing of the neurons. The firing of the neurons can be very scattered or incoherent in a building that is not designed in an orderly way. Conversely a highly orderly, intelligent,  and coherent style of brain functioning for maximum creativity, achievement, and success, will be the result if the building is properly oriented, in harmony with nature’s intelligence. 

Courses on Sthapatya Veda of the Human Body:

  • Course on basic principles of Sthapatya veda

  • Course on application of principles on human body in the practice of yoga asana

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