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Veda and Vedic literature

Maharishis Vedic Science is the science of Veda. Veda is pure knowledge, and because knowledge is structured in consciousness, pure knowledge is structured in pure consciousness. Therefore Maharishi’s Vedic Science is the science of our own pure consciousness, the unified field of all the laws of nature which is the basis of all creation. Veda is the infinitely dynamic structure of natural law within the unified field, as directly cognized by the ancient Vedic seers during their direct experience of the unified field. The following verse of Rg Veda itself explains the nature and location of the Veda:

“richo akshare parame vyoman yasmin deva adhi vishve nisheduh”. Rig Veda I.164.39  

“The verses of the Veda exist in the collapse of fullness (the kshara of “A”) in the Transcendental Field, in which reside all the impulses of creative intelligence (devas), the laws of nature responsible for the whole manifest universe”.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science provides a detailed description of the structure and internal self-referral dynamics of the Veda. The key to study Maharishi’s Vedic Science is in the experience of pure consciousness as described in another verse of RG Veda:

“yo jagara tam richah kamayante” Rig Veda V.44.14

“The hymns seek out him who is awake”.

To be fully awakened means to be established in pure consciousness. The development of pure consciousness is the key to all knowledge and the prerequisite of Vedic study. The purpose of knowing the Veda is to live the wholeness of life. The Rig Veda says:

“yastanna veda kimricha karishyati ya ittadvidusta ime samasate” Rig Veda I .164.39

“He whose awareness is not open to this field, what can the verses accomplish for him? He who knows it (pure consciousness) is established in evenness, wholeness of life”.    

The study of the Veda has its purpose in structuring the home of all knowledge in one's awareness. 

Rig Veda gives a practical formula for achieving this goal, in one word:

“nivartadhwam” Rig Veda X.19.1


 Maharishi’s Vedic Science not only provides a complete description of the infinite dynamism of Veda, but also provides the technology, practical techniques, by which every individual can become fully awake, and realize his full potential, a state of life in which the Veda is fully enlivened in human consciousness. Every individual can become a living Veda.

Courses on Maharishi's Vedic Science (11 courses):

  • Maharishi's Vedic Science Foundation Course

  • Maharishi's Vedic Science: The Science and Technology of Complete Enlightenment

  • Maharishi's Vedic Science and its role in Creating World Peace

  • The Self, the Veda, and the Universe

  • The Rig Veda: The infinite Self-Referral Intelligence of Nature

  • Vedic Civilization Establishing Heaven on Earth

  • Maharishi's Vedic Science and Higher States of Consciousness

  • Meaning of Vedic Himns

  • Mechanics of Cognition of Vedic Rishis

  • Course on Vedic Literature

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