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Recognized by World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, World Community of Indian Culture and Traditional Disiplines, European Yoga Federation, International Yoga Confederation, Associations and National Federations

1°  Yoga Monitor: Yoga Pravesh (course - 150 hours) qualified as teacher assistant 

2°  Yoga Instructor: Yoga Parichaya (course - 300 hours)

3°  Yoga Technician: Yoga Shikshaka (course - 450 hours )

4°  Yoga Teacher: Yoga Siromani (course - 600 hours)

One year education includes 150 hours of study. This is organized through 10 weekend modules during one year. The fourth year of study has 12 weekend modules. One 15 hours weekend module per month.

For those who are already recognized yoga teachers (200 hours education), with additional 100 hours education which is organized during second year of training they will complete second year of education of 300 hours and get diploma of Yoga Instructor.

The advantage for receiving diploma of Yoga Instructor is that it confirms Yours competence to understand and teach yoga from holistic consciousness based approach which gives much more benefits than usual approach of Hatha yoga.

       Yoga is based on the ancient and traditional knowledge brought by the Rishis and Maharishis and most recent findings from the modern science. Yoga is establishing unity in all fields of life. Uniqueness of Yoga is that body is experienced as expression of consciousness. Because of that every movement of the body, every asana starts from the movement of the unbounded consciousness in the direction that name of the asana suggests and that movement of consciousness initiates movement of vital energy and breathing which move the spine and body in specific direction or position. Practicing yoga asana and pranayama in that way we achieve unity of consciousness, breath and the body and the practicing of yoga asanas becomes moving meditation and within itself at once contains all the 8 limbs of Maharishi Patanjali Yoga.

       On successful completion of this course, students will have a comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practice of yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation and the ability to observe and identify  special needs or conditions of the persons and to teach yoga classes in a safe, effective and confident manner in the following areas: practice of yoga asana sequences (basic and advanced practice); exercises for more flexible and strong bio-mechanical system; yoga exercises for neuromuscular integration and for the normalization of the functioning of metabolism, endocrine, immune and nervous system; special yoga exercises for the health of spine, and correction of spine disorders; yoga exercises for reducing weight and removing obesity; yoga exercises for pregnancy, menopause and menstruation problems; therapeutic yoga – individual approach of Yoga and Ayurveda for regaining individual health; yoga breathing exercises – exercises of neuro-respiratory integration; special yoga exercises and yoga breathing techniques to enhance immune system;  relaxation techniques for removing fatigue, tension, stress and for the development of the full potential of mind and body; procedures for cleansing all the impurities from body; courses for the healthier living based on the ancient science of life of Yoga and Ayurveda; courses for healthy nutrition and cooking; yoga for fitness and sport; procedure for enlivening self healing inner intelligence of  body; weekend and week courses for total recovering of mind and body from everyday stress and enhancing life capabilities; yoga for children, etc.

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