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Sat, Jul 02


Općina Zadar


SOMA YOGA. BORAVIŠNI TEČAJ. IŽ, HOTEL „KORINJAK“. All information and application :


Time & Location

Jul 02, 2022, 7:00 PM – Jul 09, 2022, 5:00 PM

Općina Zadar, Iž, Croatia

About the Event

SOMA YOGA seminar  We are inviting you to participate in this unique Soma Yoga seminar.  During one week retreat in silent Island Iž, surrounded by pure and celestial nature, we will practice different Vinyasa yoga sequences and ancient method of enlivening Soma in consciousness and physiology to strenghten the immune system, vitality and preserve excellent health and long life     

Reservation of accomodation:

Send mail to the email address: or make     a reservation directly through the web page:

It is important that in the application for reservation you w rite the following:

date of arrival and departure; accommodation in single or  dobule room; sea wiev; or some other wishes or information about arrival,  parking, etc.

Also, you mention that you are a member of the Soma yoga group  of Jadranko Miklec so that you have a 10% discount on the prices mentioned on  the web page:

Prices on the website are half-bord (including breakfast and     dinner).

Those who want lunch pay an extra 5 to 10 euros, depending on  the menu.

After you submit your application, from the hotel, you will     receive an offer with a specified price and a 30% deposit that you need to     pay by April    3rd, 2022, on the bank account that     will be mentioned in the offer so that you can confirm your participation  and room reservation.

Please also email your application to

The price for the course is 200 euros and this amount you pay to   course leaders Jadranko Miklec   and Kristina Lenard at the course location.

Please bring your yoga mat with you for practice.


7,00 do 8,30 – Practice of yoga programm-

Ashta sandhi vimochana kriya, Suryanamaskar,

Udiyana kriya, Agnisara   dhauti, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika pranayama,

Shitali pranayama, Bhramari, spine twisting exercises

Pranayama: Anuloma-viloma,   Nadi shodana, Soma yoga practice – terace of the hotel.

8,30 do 9,30 – Breakfast

9,30 do 12,00 – Swiming and aqua yoga

12,00 do 13,00 – Vinyasa yoga practice

13,00 do 14,00 – Lunch

14,00 do 14,30 – Time for walk

14,30 do 15,00 – Rest

15,00 do 17,00 – Swiming

17,00 do 18,30 – Soma yoga practice

18,30 do 20,00 – Dinner

20,00 do 20,30 – Time for walk

20,30 do 21,30 – Lcture and Soma Yoga Nidra

21,30 - Sama Veda and going to rest

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