Martial art Kalaripayattu originated from the highly evolved martial art of Dhanur Veda. The ancient warriors who mastered this martial art, were able to defend or attack with powerful results in any war situation. One technique, called Chundu Marma involved simply pointing at a person. With this simple gesture, the victim would fall down without even being touched. No matter how many enemies were in front of them, Dhanur Vedic warriors were able to control thousands of people by pointing their fingers and sending out energy. Based on deep knowledge of where the sensitive energy centers are located within the body and how to stimulate them, Bodhidharma (prince born at 440 year.A.C. in Tamil Nadu, India) developed sequence of physical exercises to awaken vital energy and courage. Not only the body and mind, but the whole chakra system is opened to generate spiritual well-being, willpower, and physical health. Energy from the chakras is brought out through interconnecting channels to the outside of the body. In China this self defence art was called Tai Chi and in Okinava Sanchin Kata. In Okinava and Japan was developed many different martial arts but common for all of them is DO which means source, path and goal.


DO or TAO is containing all the laws of Nature, Universe. Different self defence martial arts are just means to develop our consciousness to live in accord with DO or TAO. That is way to any system of exercise is added DO, like Karate Do, Mushindo, Tae Kvon Do, Aikido, Kendo, Judo, Hapkido, etc. 


Course on Kalaripayattu, Tai Chi and Karate Do