from 02.06 to 09.06 2018




Dear friends,

Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda „SUN“ from Croatia and The Lonavla Yoga Institute from India are inviting you for Yoga seminar on the beautiful island of Iž in Croatia. Theme of the seminar is theory and practice of the ancient Natha Yoga from Gorakshanatha expounded in His work Goraksha Shataka. Seminar is very important for beginers as well as Yoga teachers.

Seminar is accredited with 50 hours of the 600-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course recognized by the European Yoga Federation (EYF), World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, The Lonavla Yoga Institute and World Academy of Ayurveda, India.

Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is vegetarian and is included in price. Price for board and lodging for one week (02 – 09.06.2018) for double room is 346,50 Euro and for single room is  359,10 Euro, and this is payed at the reception of the hotel. Course fee for participation on seminar is 200,00 Euro and is payed to Jadranko Miklec at course location.

Please send your application as soon as possible on e-mail adress: or on tel: 00385 1 959147314 latest until 15.04. 2018


Course leader :   


Shree Pandurang Dattatreya Gurav Alias Shree Gurav Maharaj took birth in this body form on 1st June 1953 at very remote and small village called Padali, near the district place Kolhapur in Maharashtra state of India. It was the custom to read holy and spiritual scriptures in his house. Thus at the young age he received very subtle and Divine samskaras  (impressions) and guidance from his beloved mother. As reading of the Holy Scriptures was a great spiritual practice, several realised masters started visiting to his house. At the age of 16 he met to his Sadguru Shree Omkarnath Bhausaheb Maharaj and started receiving real wisdom through personal discourses.

He then realised that his life is for the special cause and thus started organising discourses and kirtans to guide the ignorant persons. At one side due to his spiritual Sadhana (practices), he started witnessing several miraculous powers, which are little difficult for the modern world to be understood and also to explain, and on other side hundreds of people started coming to meet him for personal guidance related to remedy and to cure their problems.  Due to his miraculous powers he cured the patients those were treated in the hospitals but not benefited in spite of medicines and also cured the diseases caused due to Intra organic causes, (Adhyatmic) extra organicnatural causes (Adhibhautik), andextra organic supernatural causes called (Adhidaivik)

His main aim was to spread the wisdom which he witnessed during his spiritual practices. Thus he established ashram (hermitage) in the year 2001 and started spreading the knowledge which is hidden in ancient yoga texts and unfortunately not accessible for modern seekers of yoga. Thousands of devotees were blessed with this knowledge, the knowledge which is the prime aspect of Natha Philosophy. As Natha Philosophy is very subtle, correct interpretation is very important to understand the ancient wisdom which we find in ancient Hatha Yoga texts.

Very few masters are present in this modern era, those can guide properly about such theoretical and practical aspects of Natha tradition & Hatha yoga and Shree Gurav Maharaj is one of them.




DR. MANMATH MANOHAR GHAROTE – M.Ed. (Phy), Ph.D. (Phy). D.Litt., N.D., D.Y.Ed., Dip in Yoga Therapy, Dip in Sport Medicine, Dip in Physiotherapy, Director of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India). Dr. Manmath Gharote from his early age learned yoga from his father Dr. M.L.Gharote who established The Lonavla Yoga Institute and was great scholar and researcher in the field of yoga and disciple of Swami Kuvalayananda.


YOGACHARYA YADRANKO MIKLEC: President of the Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda „SUN“, vicepresident of European Yoga Federation, international Secretary of World Academy for Ayurveda, India. Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and Maharishis Vedic Science. Expert for medicinal plants - Vanaushadi Bhishagacharya.  


Come and use this unique oportunity to be in the presence and learn from the great enlightened Master of Natha Yoga – SHREE GURAV MAHARAJ




Zagreb, 12.01.2018                            President of the Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda „SUN“:

                                                                                          Jadranko Miklec